The world is waking up to love as an evolutionary force. Twin Flames are leading the way on the transformational path of grounding the Light and embodying unconditional love.


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Anna Grace Taylor

Anna Grace Taylor

Angel Therapist, Healer & Singer

Kimberley always creates a safe and sacred space for growth and healing to take place and offers clear guidance that empowers me to focus on the love within which is at the core of any other relationship. I am happy to recommend Kimberley’s readings which are especially heart-opening and insightful.

Cath Lovell

Cath Lovell


I have been following Kimberley’s work since I had a reading with her in 2014 and have been drawn to her pure grounded integrity and wisdom within this field. Since finding myself in a Twin Flame Union and understanding it’s true potential for healing I have found Kimberley’s work invaluable to my journey. Let’s just say she keeps it real and isn’t afraid to share her own ups and downs along this path.

Kimberley, you truly are the guiding light in the Twin Flame community. You have cracked the code!

Katie Brockhurst

Katie Brockhurst

Social Media Angel

I had a great reading - lots of energy and info flowing between us which has helped me tune into my own truth and given me some great tools for connecting ❤️ The card reading was really useful & in alignment and I highly recommend (I’m very picky about who I work with and it was a full body yes when I saw a Kimberly sharing about her sessions) xx


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