How do you know if you are a Twin Flame? What are the signs? Here are 11 main ways you know you ARE a Twin Flame:

  1. You found your way here to The Twin Flame Temple! That isn’t as flippant as it sounds. This space and this work has a very specific intention and energy field set to attract and welcome a resonant tribe of beautiful souls on the path of Sacred Union. Somehow you found your way here, drawn in by a sci-fi style tractor beam! To use another sci-fi metaphor (I love me one of those!) ‘The Force’ led you here. Thank you Star Wars!
  2. You have met someone that blew your circuits, opened your heart and flipped your life upside down. The connection is off the charts.
  3. You haven’t met someone but you can sense someone, are dreaming about someone and have always known there is someone out there with whom you can experience a deep and profound connection.
  4. You have walked through life feeling as if part of you is missing. You may have wondered if you were an identical twin in a past life or wondered if you might have been a twin in the womb but only you survived. I know it sounds strange but I hear this a LOT!
  5. The connection you have with this person, real or in dream state, has triggered a Kundalini awakening with energy surging through your body, your intuition has opened and creativity is flowing more than ever.
  6. This person has awakened your libido like never before and the sensual longing is agony in your body.
  7. You feel like you can feel their feelings and hear/know their thoughts 24/7.
  8. You just know you are meant to be with this person and feel so magnetically pulled towards them it sometimes hurts physically to have to resist and not run towards them at full speed.
  9. They are unavailable in some way. Married, in a committed relationship, live thousands of miles away, are not your usual gender preference or sexual persuasion, are from a very different culture or religion that would cause problems in your family or community or are just oblivious to your existence.
  10. Your heart longs for a deep merging and union with the Divine during moments of sexual union with another. You may have already experienced glimpses of ecstatic union and surrender during love-making. Twin Flames are naturally Tantric!
  11. You are highly empathic, intuitive, psychic, sensitive, a natural healer and open-hearted with a tendency towards rescuing, care-taking, over-giving, people-pleasing and fuzzy boundaries.

Does any of that sound like you?