• You’re not sure if you are a Twin Flame but there is someone in your life you have an intensely powerful connection with that you just cannot shake off.
  • You have found your way to Twin Flame information online and suddenly your whole life makes sense. But now what? What does it all mean? Where do you go from here?
  • You are having powerful energy surges in your body and cannot stop thinking about the person you feel may be your Twin Flame. It is confusing and unsettling.
  • You desperately need some peace and clarity about your Twin Flame connection so you can feel grounded and not feel as if you are going crazy.
  • You are an intelligent and independent woman and don’t understand where all these needs, desires and intense attachments and feelings are coming from.
  • You want to go deeper and understand more about your Twin Flame, how they are feeling, if they are aware of this connection and what it all means.


  • You could feel peace, clarity, excitement, reassurance, validation, stability and deep understanding of this path you find yourself on?
  • How might it feel to be able to hear directly from the Soul of your Twin Flame and to understand how they feel about you and this connection?
  • Would it help to get a deep read on your joint soul plan that is unfolding and why this is happening to you and what could unfold in the future?
  • You could be in a healthy, soulful, conscious relationship with your Twin Flame?



Your Reading made me feel much more settled about my future and excited! 🙂

Heather Day, London

Absolutely loved my Twin Flame Reading with Kimberley! So much insight. She gave me a ton of confirmation as well as some new things to think about. And she’s just a lovely person!!

Amy Nitz Kaiser, USA

Thank you SO MUCH for a really beautiful Reading. It was exquisite, has helped me massively. You have such an authentic warmth to you that really comes through what you share and do.

Fin Robinson, London.



FIRST: Contact Kimberley with an outline of your Twin Flame story and what you want help with.

If you can, shape it into 8 questions to focus on in your session.

The clearer your intention and focus, the more potent the Reading.

If you can’t think of 8 questions Kimberley will help you.

SECOND: After messaging with Kimberley, if you both feel you are a good fit to proceed you will be sent a Paypal link to send £88 pre-payment. This payment confirms your booking as next in line in Kimberley’s schedule.

No need to convert currency, you pay in British Pounds and Paypal converts it for you. If you’d like to know the latest exchange rates click here.

You will then receive options for dates and times for your Transformational Twin Flame Tarot Session via an email/message.

Sessions are offered via Skype voice call, Facebook Messenger voice call or if you are in the UK Kimberley can call you on your phone.

These details will be arranged while messaging to arrange the date and time of your session. 


As soon as you book with Kimberley a healing energy transmission begins that serves your growth and awakening on your Twin Flame path.

Please bear this in mind in the days/weeks leading up to your session and maybe make some notes about anything you notice in your dreams, intuitions, feelings or synchronicities.

This is all perfectly usual and nothing to worry about. It’s all part of the process, but do contact Kimberley if you have any questions.

30 minutes before your appointment time Kimberley will meditate on your story and questions and create a bespoke Tarot spread just for you.

You are invited to be aware of this and use this time before your session to get grounded and calm, it really helps the whole process flow more easily if you have had some time to breathe and get comfy.


Sessions are not currently recorded, but you are welcome to record your session, please let Kimberley know if you are doing so.

Kimberley will message you a few minutes before your session time and will send you a photograph of your Tarot spread, plus photos of any oracle cards selected for you and a rough sketch of the plan of your bespoke Tarot spread.

You can look at these and follow along during the session if you wish or simply relax and take some notes.

The photos can be useful after your session to help you plug back into the energy and wisdom that flowed through for you.

Kimberley will call you at your agreed time and via your agreed method. 

If you are sensitive to energy you may sense energies moving through and around you during the session. Kimberley is a Reiki Master, an Energy Healer and a Divine Channel so there is a lot of beautiful energy that flows through for you during the session.

You receive far more than a Tarot Reading, this is a transmission in service of your Sacred Union, with both yourself and your beloved.


Transformational Twin Flame Tarot Sessions download very high frequency energies into your energy system. They can affect you in the same way as a Reiki Healing session or any Holistic healing treatment that offers healing or adjustments to your energy fields or consciousness.

This means that aftercare is very important.

PLEASE make sure you drink plenty of fresh water, preferably filtered or mineral water for several hours after your session with Kimberley.

PLEASE try to rest or move slowly, take it easy for several hours after your session. Go gently.

PLEASE keep a journal of any experiences.

PLEASE breathe into any emotions that arise or sensations that come to the surface. This is perfectly normal. Opening to the energies of Sacred Union in your Tarot Session can flush things to the surface that need healing. Just notice, breathe and trust the process. It is safe to feel.

PLEASE contact Kimberley after your session if you have any questions about these healing after-effects.