As a Twin Flame your soul made a choice in the space between lives, to bring the unconditional love of your Divine home here to Earth. 

You carry the codes for this love deep in your cells and your soul. 

Everyone has the potential for it, but you are a carrier of that spark. 

At some point that spark gets activated and ignites into a burning flame as your Twin Flame awakening begins.

You are here to remember union, union with the Divine Source, union with your true essence, and union with your beloved. 

The moment your soul individuated from the oneness of Source you made a choice to divide your soul into two expressions so that the ‘other’ would act as a homing signal; a constant reminder of the original separation that in your human form would spur you to keep searching, for wholeness, for oneness, for union.

That other expression of your soul is your Twin Flame. 

You/they did not split into two halves. You are two whole souls, two whole beings. It is more like cell division. I don’t know if you studied biology at school, but you may remember that when a cell divides it actually multiplies.

So as it splits it doesn’t form two half cells but rather two whole new cells. I am being shown images of Sacred Geometry as I write this; one circle gradually becoming too overlapping circles as they separate from each other and individuate from source.

As you can see there is an overlapping segment, this segment is called the Vesica Piscis. It is here that a third energy is conceived, the energy of union, a union that connects you back to Source and connects Heaven and Earth through your body and through your union with your Twin Flame. 

You are not just here to meet your Twin Flame and live happily ever after.

You are a lightning rod, grounding the light of unconditional love bit by bit, on your human and sometimes flawed and messy path, so you can embody this love and radiate it out into the world through your beingness, in whatever you choose to do. 

This doesn’t mean you have to be an angel, abandoning your human self or spiritually bypassing tough times. You are here to be fully human but you are also a Twin Flame. The yearning, longing and wounds are your soul trail of blessed breadcrumbs leading you home to Selfhood, Sovereignty and Sacred Union.